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Makeup  Artistry : (8 sessions (weekends) 2hrs/session with an industry expert)

‘What is a makeup artist?’ This career path has many options for professionals. Take a look at these FAQ’s to learn the basics of this cosmetology career. You can also find out how students become makeup artists, as well as career option descriptions to help you understand your potential. Let us walk you through a day-in-the-life of a makeup artist, and tell you what salary expectations you should have. So, don’t dig any deeper, or waste your time researching makeup artistry careers until you browse these top questions…

What is a make-up Artist?

At its most extreme, makeup artistry creates imaginative characters and special effects for films, television, photography, and theatre.
There are two main categories of a makeup artist. Cosmetic or fashion artists range from the clerk at the store makeup counter to the artist who prepares fashion models for photo shoots. The artist knows how to make the subject look her or his best and understands the different effects required by lighting and digital photography. The fashion artist also works with designers to create a certain look for the model, such as emphasizing lip shape or cheekbones.

How do you become a make-up Artist?

A deep love of cosmetics and passion all the things makeup is capable of is one of the first tell-tale signs of a budding makeup artist. If you like to experiment with different cosmetic looks and to try them out on yourself and your friends, you may discover a real knack for applying makeup professionally. 
We run weekend sessions on this art (on demand) with industry experts who have been transforming characters/lives for decades in the Glamour world.

Translating to a Warrior (Military Transitions) : (8 sessions with the industry expert) 2hrs/session

This unique program has been developed for aspiring military personnel planning to enter the defense workforce.
It has been customized for aspiring military members in order to support them in translating their abilities and strengths into a soldier and familiarise themselves with the defense services. Specifically, gearing up for the several options to join the Forces.

Get Insight to the soldiers’ life with added expertise from a highly experienced military leader who has successfully made the civilians to soldiers’ transition. Up to 8 Career Advising sessions are included in this

Professional Photography Course

Duration: 3 months (72hrs) 6hrs/week
Places: Only 10 candidates in a batch.
Age: 16+yrs
Our Professional Photography Course is designed for anyone wanting to become a Professional Photographer. With unparalleled training and personal attention throughout the program, it is also ideal as a preparation course if you want to apply for a BA, MA or any postgraduate studies in Photography. Recommended for beginners, intermediate, as well as anyone wishing to consolidate their knowledge, this sought after Course starts from the Foundations of Photography and combines a variety of specialised workshops in different fields with a step by step process and hands-on experience that builds up real skills.

The complete programme includes street and studio photography, post production and career coaching sessions. After completing the course, you will have enough material to build a professional portfolio of images for a wide range of work or possibilities.

Whether you want to monetize, follow an academic career, or simply escape into the magic world of photography, this course gives you the tools, knowledge, and effective strategies that will help you make outstanding pictures and live the freedom of being creative.

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