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As per National Spoken English Skills Report by Aspiring Minds:

Of the six hundred thousand engineers that graduate annually, only 2.9% of candidates have spoken English skills (SES) for high-end jobs in corporate sales/business consulting.

These also happen to be some of the best jobs. Imagine the advantage you’ll hold over many others if you can speak fluently.
Now, these engineers would be from colleges of all hue, but even if you are a graduate from the best institutions, you’ll still likely end up with average career outcomes in the medium to long-term (surprised???). Thomas Harrell from Stanford GSB (it’s consistently rated as one of the top three MBA programs in the world) in his study of Stanford MBAs found that ‘verbal fluency’ was the most common trait among the most accomplished alumni.

Idioms & Phrases commonly used:

  1. ‘Once in a blue moon’ – an event that happens infrequently.
    E.g. “I only go to the market once in a blue moon.”
  2. 2.'You Rock' -- You are great!
    E.g. "Linda you Rock !"
  3. 'Cry Wolf' ' -- To call for help when you don’t need it.
    E.g. "Raymond don’t cry wolf for little things like absence."
  4. 'Be a catch' -- be someone worth marrying/hiring
    E.g. "Stay confident while you speak in the interview Linda remember to be a catch!"
  5. 'A hot potato' -- A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with.
    E.g. "Never discuss religion as it can be a hot potato."
  6. 'Let the cat out of the bag' -- To reveal a secret.
    E.g. "Ryan let the cat out of the bag by telling that Linda was dating Andre."

Must Watch for the Week:

‘Good Will Hunting’ - boasts an illustrious cast including Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Stellan Skarsgard. This American film was written by Affleck and Matt Damon while it was helmed by Gus Van Sant. Matt Damon played the title role of a 20-year old young man. The hero is gifted with high potential in mathematics and chemistry but doesn’t realize what is potential can offer. The film will inspire you to discover hidden talents that you have.


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